Women Stage the World FAQ

What is it?
Women Stage the World is a new initiative from the
Advocacy Committee of League of Professional Theater Women(LPTW)

targeting ticket-buyers and theatre decision-makers, to support and create awareness of gender equity for theatre women.

Visualize teams of costumed women, representing
Women Stage the World, advocating for professional theatre women
wherever theatre people convene and wherever theatre-goers gather.

40% of Dramatists Guild members are women; only 15-20% of
produced plays are written by women. And this percentages goes
way down at high end venues: Broadway or first class Regional

About 60% of the theatre audience is female. And yet for actors,
directors, playwrights, stage managers, singers, dancers, the only
category where the number of work weeks for women roughly
equals the number of work weeks for men is Choreographer – and
even in that category men are the High Wage Earners.

This season the Guthrie Theatre, one of the flagship regional
theatres in the country, will produce No plays written by a woman
on either of its main stages and only one play with a woman
director, and she is Co-directing with a man.

What will be early signs of success?
We’ll coalesce a team of LPTW members eager to advance the
We’ll make a splash with the public.
We’ll get covered in the press for the substance of our advocacy.
We’ll spread the word about work written, directed, performed and
designed by women.
We’ll attract theaters in learning more about what they can do.

How will it work?
We’re starting with a small company and plan to expand the idea over
time. It’s a big idea and all of us can contribute to its success.

Sign up to research, costume, provide rehearsal space or portray
one of these artists who played a pivotal role in theatre history.